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Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

This hub will close down as of February 1 2021. Please backup your data, migrate to other hubs if you want to. This is how you do it. After that date this hub and all it's data will be deleted

Please keep in mind that this hub is only intended as a starting point for you to get to know the basic handling of Hubzilla. If you require more features, disk space etc. please chose another hub. Please always keep in mind: All your data is yours. You can clone your channel to another hub, at any time, create a local backup of your channel data and all it's connections and delete your channel here completely. You are in control and as Hubzilla is a decentralized service there is no need to rely just on this hub.
This is a list of public Hubzilla instances in addition to this hub.

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Registration on this hub is temporarily closed. Please check back later. If you want to register, you will be linked to a list of available alternative hubs.

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