Big data - Facebook style

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To all my family and friends:

I would like to take this oportunity, while the Facebook data mining
scandal is still fresh in people's minds, to explain why, i think, we
should all be more worried about our personal privacy, online:

For something that many people depend on today - myself, i would loose
contact with many of my family and friends without it - it might be
sensible to know, in general terms, how facebook works.

This is how Facebook works:

Facebook works by collecting, and organizing whatever you add to it;
and selling what it collects, to generate massive profits.

     Let us see what Facebook collects, and then how it generates
massive profits:

View this link to see the data Facebook can collect from you( scroll
down to see the table with fields, and descriptions of each data
element(Fields and Edges tables)):

Now is a good time to think of all the fields you have filled with
data for Facebook. Basically you have just seen Facebook's database,
structure. All you need now do, is visualise the data you have added to
build a, probably (?), very detailed, 'personal',  record of yourself,
(this may well include all your conversations, you thought were private,
see the INBOX field).

     Let us now see how Facebook uses, the data it collects from you and
me, to generate massive profits:

View this next link, to see the way Facebook makes it's database of
'personal' information available to anyone willing to pay for it.
The database structure, is now organized to target groups of
individuals, for marketing purposes.
(how many individuals use Facebook right now? I was thinking earlier:
"I wonder how many people in the road i live in, have an account at
Facebook?") Now lets see the marketing targeting link:

Basically anyone can, 'query', the Facebook database, by using thier own
'specification', to target whatever audience they like.

A case study:
I was chatting with a guy at work, (who is in the middle of a technology
related degree) who told me about his girlfriend, who worked for a small
music company. Her company, when they want to market thier products,
shows etc.. etc.. just get in touch with Facebook, with the
specification they have, which might be: target a group by age range,
musical tastes, location/area, etc... Facebook makes this easy. And as
my colleague said, it might cost from: "£5 to £500".It really made me
realize how easy it is for Facebook to make massive profits, from the seemingly
'free' service they provide.