I've gotten five or so comments from different accounts whose username link directs back to a bare domain. The two that I tried visiting said "server not found" or something to that extent.

They are all showing up at https://start.hubzilla.org/moderate

The three comments that I have not yet deleted have the text: At last! Someone with real exiterpse gives us the answer. Thanks!, I relaly needed to find this info, thank God!, and If your artlices are always this helpful, "I'll be back." coming from accounts labeled as, Tambrey, Indy, and Latoya respectively. The usernames aren't links to Hubzilla nodes, but instead bare domains: http://fyekryx.com/ for "Tambrey", http://mcsvqj.com/ for "Indy", and http://vnqrho.com/ for "Latoya".

There were two other comments like this, but I already deleted them using the buttons on the /moderate page.
me too
It appears you have set comment permissions to anyone on the internet?

We're going to try migrating the Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start hub now. Please stop what you are doing so you don't lose too much data.
Thank you, @Andrew!  Does this mean that we're not as constrained by FOSTA/SESTA regulations now?   I'd like to invite more sex workers to create Hubzilla accounts, but I refrained from pointing them at https://start.hubzilla.org out of concern for the admin's legal wellbeing.
Cat Gun, thanks again for your consideration. If you don't mind waiting a bit longer until we can fully complete my "disentanglement" I would appreciate it. Probably won't be more than a week or two more.
Will do!  Thanks, @Andrew!

In the near future, we will migrate this hub to a new server and transfer ownership to a new administrator. This is in direct response to the notorious FOSTA bill that recently passed. We will make every attempt for this migration to be as seamless and transparent as possible, but it might be a bumpier ride than expected. Those of you with clones will weather the potential storm better than those without, because you will simply log in to your clone's hub and continue your communications if Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start is unavailable for a period of time. Thank you in advance for your patience. And as for any impatience, well, you get what you pay for, right?
Cool. Thanks for sharing that article article. :)
Christopher M. RaschChristopher M. Rasch wrote the following post Sat, 31 Mar 2018 05:24:24 -0400
Useful hubzilla links
History of Hubzilla


What makes Hubzzilla special?

Mike MacGirvin writes:

"Hubzilla represents what I like to think of as state of the art in decentralisation technology. It goes far beyond what we did in Friendica when it comes to decentralising core services which used to be available only on centralised silos. We decentralise everything. This builds on work I started in Friendica but it took a platform re-write to fully realise.

Some federation bits were added a couple of years ago due to popular demand, but they are in conflict with a couple of core features such as nomadic identity. Nomadic identity is really special. You can create online clones of your channel and pop up at another site if your current site is having issues (either temporarily or permanently). This works incredibly well - unless you have friends on other networks. My original account has moved a few times now. All my original friends are still there. My Friendica and Diaspora friends however are not. They need to be reconnected, and this is silly because nomadic identity was created to address that problem.

The other feature we've spent a lot of time on is decentralised access control. This means you can publish webpages, videos, photos, create chatrooms, etc. and all of your web properties can have privacy settings that work seamlessly with anybody on Hubzilla. They don't need to have an account on your site. We can also create 'access tokens' and allow permissions to folks that don't have hubzilla accounts, so you can share a private video with your mom (as an example).

These features are totally alien to most every other network and service and you can't just create a patch to make them work. It's a completely different way of looking at the world and would take a complete re-write of most projects to realise or make compatible. As a result we were kind of forced to develop an entire suite of web publishing and cloud storage components which work with our services. This represents over four years of evolution from the original Friendica code base, so the projects are now quite different."

From here:


List of Hubzilla hubs


Those of you inquisitive enough to explore your channels settings will discover more features available today.

Hint: you may need to increase your tech level to see these options.
Hey Andrew,
I've just started my own hub, can you please direct me to the best source for how to install/activate addons.
Yay! Welcome!
Welcome boys, girls, bots and company ;)
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This is me.
Everyone welcome our newest quartet:

@Antti Talsta
@Christopher M. Rasch
@Walter Leibbrandt
So nice to see a lot of new people here. Thanks guys for joining and of course Mike and everyone contributing for giving us all this.
Another group of explorers has arrived. Welcome!

@Cat Gun         
@Walkaway guy          
@You're kidding, surely.          
@Dan Woloz          
@Calculator Music Appreciation Society          
@Kitt McGregor          
@Orestse Kyriakos Poulakis          
@La LibreRie solidaire
Hi Administrator, me again, sorry for all theses questions, I'm beginner in Hubzilla
To post on the support@zotadel.net channel, I have to add this channel as friends/contacts, and wait for the support admin add me ? Is that the way ? And after, I can mention this channel with a ! ?
@"La LibreRie solidaire"  Yes.  Go to that channel (https://zotadel.net/channel/support), and click Login (upper left).  There will be a button labeled "Remote Authenticate".   Click that button, and it should authenticate you to that hub.  Then go back to the channel, and you should see the "Connect" button under the channel avatar photo.  Click connect.  Then you should be able to post to the "Hubzilla Support Forum" by typing the name of the forum in quotation marks, preceded by the bang symbol (!)
He's right. However, if you follow the link in my response above, you should be automatically authenticated without the extra step. This is because links can be appended with your "zid" that lets the remote hub know how to request your identity.

We are temporarily not accepting new registrations on Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start until we can stabilize the database server. For now the registration page will default to a list of other known public hubs on the grid*.

* This is an auto-generated list, and does not represent a promotion or endorsement of these hubs by the Hubzilla project or me.
After getting some help from our illustrious Hubzilla developer @Mario Vavti , we have reopened registration.
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Welcome everybody!
@Andrew Manning impressive growth out there on start.hubzilla.org :)

Already I feel part of the community thanks to you and herbert thielen and mike mcgiver answering my newbie question -- so fast and polite!  

I'm aiming to create a realm for my town (Port Townsend Washington, near Seattle). Working on getting the verification mail to work, it's not being sent yet... hmm, just changed the mx for the site from forwarding. May get it done. Meanwhile the "from" address is wrong .... from=<www-data@hypergrove> .... I think it should be   from=<????@611cedar98339.com>  but not sure what the ???? ought to be.  Let me know of a hint to fix this if you can.  I'm not an email server guy at all, as I'm more a database and ontology guy, with deep experience creating semanticmediawiki applications.  I hope to bring this experience to Hubzilla, to help make the codebase even more amazing.  Thanks for listening!
mike mcgiver

Thanks for that smiling face with open mouth
he's a giver, for sure ;)
That's excellent that you want to use Hubzilla to provide a free and open source solution for your community that supports their freedom and privacy.

You should be able to change the "from" and "reply-to" email addresses in the https://start.hubzilla.org/admin/site settings page. Email is a real pain in the neck, and it is unfortunate that it is a requirement for a service like Hubzilla, but that is the reality. It is the only open, decentralized network used widely enough to bootstrap someone's new online identity. I recommend that you find a professional SMTP service that will handle the sending of your hub's emails. There is an addon called "PHPMailer" that you can enable. This addon allows you to define an external SMTP server that will be used to send emails from your hub. Prior to enabling such a service for start.hubzilla.org, the ratio of account registrations to successful login and channel creation was perhaps 50%; now it is almost 100%, which tells me that many people were simply not receiving the verification emails.
Let's welcome our latest arrivals:

@JJ Corncake
@Das Jonwolf
Yay! Welcome!
Oh yes. There is also this:

Apologies for the hub "blackouts" that have occurred today. They will probably continue until I can determine the cause of the problem. I was hoping the second item you agreed to when registering for an account would be more of a hypothetical possibility... Perhaps it is motivation to clone your channel to another public hub and experience the power of nomadic identity. Don't let one server get you down!

This public hub is operated as a starting point for those interested in learning about Hubzilla and the power of nomadic identity. Registration on this site requires that you accept the terms of service, which primarily means that (1) you will not use the site for illegal or otherwise disruptive purposes, and (2) you accept that this hub may discontinue service or become inaccessible at any time. No guarantees or promises are made concerning any data you create while using this site. You are responsible for backing up your data.
We continue to suffer from server crashes. Hopefully I'll have more time to troubleshoot soon. So far all I have done is throw more RAM at the problem.  In the meantime your patience is appreciated.
Hi guys, welcome! Take a look around, find possible connections in the /directory . Make yourselves at home!
Welcome! waving hand sign
Hello, and welcome!
Everyone welcome @HankG , @Jimmy gee and @Rick van to  Hubzilla!

Newcomers might want to connect to the Hubzilla Support forum to meet more people on the open web.
find it in the directory

Hubzilla Wiki

Use a Hubzilla wiki to make collaboration easy and private2018/03/20 Pretty much everyone by now has at least heard the word “wiki” because of Wikipedia, arguably the biggest success story of the web, but you may not know what a wiki is or how you could use one. The beauty of a wiki is that it is essentially a simple website that anyone can upd...
I can.. Good!
there is a way to change the background color without html?
I don't think so, but I'm not certain.

As a promoter of the Hubzilla platform and project, I am interested in how you discovered Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start and what motivated you to register for an account. Comment and share your story!
Like a lot of others, it was @Sean Tilley talking about it on Mastodon that brought me over after reading his medium article
Heard about Hubzilla in a Reddit post about Facebook alternatives and now I'm here :)
My friend @Ian Strasser wrote a blog post which made me want to try this out.
Welcome to Hubzilla, @RockyIII , @Ich selbst , @Hiroki , and @james pyduck !
what do you mean with  channel content ?
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See this post.

Still no answer on a public hub with federation enabled. You might try going to the  https://start.hubzilla.org/siteinfo.json path for the public hubs listed in https://start.hubzilla.org/pubsites and looking at the addons listed for each until you find one.
The public hubs hub.libranet.de or gerzilla.de were recommended as places with federation you could try.