Apologies for the hub "blackouts" that have occurred today. They will probably continue until I can determine the cause of the problem. I was hoping the second item you agreed to when registering for an account would be more of a hypothetical possibility... Perhaps it is motivation to clone your channel to another public hub and experience the power of nomadic identity. Don't let one server get you down!

This public hub is operated as a starting point for those interested in learning about Hubzilla and the power of nomadic identity. Registration on this site requires that you accept the terms of service, which primarily means that (1) you will not use the site for illegal or otherwise disruptive purposes, and (2) you accept that this hub may discontinue service or become inaccessible at any time. No guarantees or promises are made concerning any data you create while using this site. You are responsible for backing up your data.
We continue to suffer from server crashes. Hopefully I'll have more time to troubleshoot soon. So far all I have done is throw more RAM at the problem.  In the meantime your patience is appreciated.