!I am new here | Newbies welcome So, how does one get content in his stream here? I'm pulling in plenty of followed hashtags from Diaspora*, but really not much from Hubzilla itself. Do I have to find forums to join? Searching on the mobile version of the site is useless because I can't access the toggles for local directory, safe mode, public forums.. Very watered down. I don't even see the profile pic with the connect button under it.. That whole column is hidden on my phone even if I rotate to landscape and/or request "desktop version"
I am new here | Newbies welcome
No, I just mentioned forums because I understood that you were explicitly asking for those. ;)
You are absolutely free to do public posts from your own channel, most people do. I am myself not familiar with Diaspora*,  but am toying with thr thought of creating an accound in order to find out how it works,  hiw it connects etc. But I understand that #hashtags have a different function in both systems. Wirhin Hubzilla by clicking a hashtag you get a list of posts using that tag on that hub only. Then you can use categories when creating a post, they are more like blog categories, listed inside your own channel home for posts only there.
Ah, in Diaspora* you can follow a hashtag and it will pull posts with that tag into your stream from any server federated with your pod. I've even tested it with posts I've made from here, and they show in my D* stream. In that way, you can follow a topic that interests you which can help you find new users with similar interests. The only tag that I don't see sent over to me here from D* is #newhere, which is probably being filtered on one end or the other, but my #newhere post from Hubzilla federated to the joindiaspora pod

So, here tags are per hub?
I am new here | Newbies welcome
Yes. You can try it. :)
It's another philosophy. Here you follow threads.
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I'm not #newhere (to the Federation), but I'm trying out #Hubzilla. My interests include #gardening, #compost and #composting, #technology (I have a #server running #unRAID with several #Dockers including #Plex), #homeautomation, #food and #cooking, #fermenting and many other things too
!I am new here | Newbies welcome
h.ear.t | tobias
Welcome Kevin. Have a look around and if you are stuck, ask.
JB Carroll
 from Friendica
Good to know. Will probably be messing around with it this weekend, so I'll see how it works soon too.
Thanks. I will do that.