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Jack Yan

The democratization of social networking

 Wellington, New Zealand,  last edited: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 05:25:01 -0500  
The democratization of social networking. Long predicted, finally happening.
Hi, Holly! I wonder how this will eventually integrate with other services.
That will be interesting to see! A lot of people seem to be longing for the old days (a good thing!) and looking to build lighter, more personal social sites.

The only barrier seems to be that Facebook and Twitter are the lowest common denominator with the most critical mass. Everyone's there, so it's fine to be a bit lazy. "I can't keep up with more than one social media site, sorry" is something I hear a lot now that I say I'm leaving. Rather than try to be everywhere and all things to everyone, I'm planning to make my own site my "home base." Salon's always open - bookmark the sucker. OOoh, I think we just gave me an idea... might have to wait till I finish my afternoon walk in the park.
Put a hub linked to your site!

Before social networking, people didn’t have a problem finding me on my personal site and messaging me—I might simply have to start encouraging that again.