the impossible flow

consider this as a piece of a science fiction story, or perhaps as a reality, the choice is yours.

I have a channel open to the federation, in another hub, I have few contacts (compared to many others) but those very few contacts of the part of diaspora (speaking in federation) manage to monopolize the flow (/network in hubzilla) in a 'global' way, it's amazing how they, the diasporans, manage to do this like no other, in the negative sense I mean.
As soon as 3 elements are able to fill our flow with a sea of ​​posts, a sea of ​​images etc ... that practically we can not read any more of the other contacts, and moreover we lose a mountain of time.
I'm honestly tired, and even I can not understand this way of doing/using social network, probably I could even decide to nevermore use federation with diaspora and perhaps even with mastodon, since the approach is very similar to that of the diasporans.
I have tried for years to have diasporans in my contacts, and I have known so many, but the fact remains that even knowing new ones, it always ends up having a flow of shit.
It seems that these people can not really understand how is tiring, frustrating, etc ... to have such a heavy, impracticable flow, even on a physical level (speaking of sight and eyes). The question is: they exaggerate! Some posts are beautiful and interesting, but the fact is that they post too much... too much and often the posts are large and with many images and very very similar to each other.
In my opinion if you create x posts like these during 24-48 hours you end up not having respected for your contacts.
This is at least my way (probably wrong or out of fashion) to see the thing.
If I do 2 large posts with lots of images, I am conscious of occupying a certain part of the flow of my contacts, but if I create 20 in less than 48 hours then I am not so good with my head.
The problem is that I see this way of doing especially (or maybe always) with people of diaspora.
Repeating, I have resisted for years, but then in the end I always come back to have and see that the diaspora  planet  does not change and does not want to change. The inhabitants of that planet are born, arrive, grow old, are reborn, they go away, others arrive, but it is always the same thing.
Nothing changes.
Maybe it's time to get away for good.
O "Take it easy" seu Romario  fica melhor para quem chega aqui  sem conhecer a 'plataforma', sem conhecer ninguém... e já começa a jogar veneno!
A bruxa agiu que nem uma bruxa mesmo, ainda bem que já se foi!

E vc, além de colocar o LIKE  nos posts  da bruxa, colocou um dislike num comentário de um dos devs só porque tentou ajudar dizendo que  a 'plataforma' é open-source  e cada um pode contribuir ?!

Espera ! Quem merece um take it easy ai??

Sinceramente a gente, depois de anos,  ta de saco cheio de pessoas que agem de uma certa forma (aquela de mal chegar e jogar logo veneno) , faltando de respeito a quem trabalha nessa plataforma, tentando sempre agradar todo mundo por sinal....

então , é por isso  que as vezes surgem comentários que nem o meu.
É exatamente um "take it easy" and "respect" .
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for the #newhere we have a forum

ps: hubzilla is not diaspora or mastodon  

ps2: in true we also have  this forum


but I also can help you ;-)
and also
why we do not have      std_embeds ?
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.... #the guinea pigs that we are...
you can write to my wiki pages,
help me to improve this part

I'm not very good at creating wikis
apathy and laziness are a constant for people accustomed to the traps created by Zuckerberg and brothers ...
show them something new and find themselves completely lost because of this.
New Zot forum

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