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Who's working on user documentation? I'd like to get in touch with them.
I'd like to contribute, if possible.
It's best to post your thoughts publicly on the forum unless they are sensitive in nature somehow. In that case, you can send me a direct message and I'll try to help out.
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Today I decided to edit my profile a bit. It was supposed to be a short edit. Added "Social Market Economy" and a one sentence definition for it in the Political views box. But then what if someone were to look it up on Wikipedia?

My advice, do not look it up in English Wikipedia. Look it up in German Wikipedia under the term "Soziale Marktwirtschaft". The intro will do nicely, the rest is fine too, albeit a bit lengthy. Any translation errors are nothing compared the virtually unreadable English Wikipedia description, a rambling, badly organized article, containing disingineously misrepresentative statements on socialism which do not belong there, idiotic details, written in a way to basically turn you off from any positive interest in the concept.

The English language article is in the same line of thought on English language Wikipedia that Socialism = Communism, whereas continental European Wikipedias describe modern Socialism as being opposed to Communism, and as a modern viable political policy model - with major and leading parties subscribing to it.
Permission settings - visibility

!Hubzilla Support Forum Is there a way to make the permission settings ("Who can see this?") visible after a post has been placed? Something like: "Shared with .... "

It's always good to be clearly reassured after posting who, in fact, the audience is. Otherwise the only recourse is to log out (public/non-public), and its more more difficult to find out for the other levels. Or am I missing something?
Ok, I did miss something. The small lock item to the left of the channel name in the post. Ts, ts.
And if you need more fine-grained specific information you can also access "Delivery Report" from the cog menu at the bottom right.
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This morning, I made the most startling discovery:

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Yeaee, I can make a big emoji too!!! 555. Ms Wedding Fans explained it to me:

If you put the emoji into the text, it will be text size small. If you use the emoji item that located beneath the original post, it is going to be 32x32, and that is much larger. Yupiiii. But you can't add more text  face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye 555.

Thanks @Wedding Fans !
Connecting to Diaspora, Friendica

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1. After some reading I understand that on the federation addons like Dispora and Friendica are not enabled, and are not available on channel level. Is this correct?

2. Version 3.4 has a new permission role "social - federation". Does this mean that, for example, Diaspora and Friendica will be available at channel level?

Thanks for clarifying.
1.) Correct!
2.) No. The fedration plugins (Diaspora, Pubcrawl (Activitypub), GNU-Social (Ostatus)) need to be enabled by the admin to be able to communicate with those networks. is focused to showcase the unique core features of Hubzilla.
Thanks Mario for the clarification, emphasis being on core. I was not aware of that earlier.
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Ok. I've created this hubzilla channel to see how it works, what it can do, and decide if it can replace several fa*ebook instances.

The idea is to set up our channels here gradually. Then inform friends, acquaintances, FB page followers that we're moving to hubzilla, give them some time to check it out and follow us here, then close our FB accounts.

I'm not new to this type of thing.

In 2010 we moved our office and personal computer devices from MS Windows to open source Linux Ubuntu. We took a year to do it. Learning how Ubuntu works, replacing MS software with open source, like Open Office, Thunderbird, Gimp, Bluefish, Filezilla, on the Windows machines, so that users could get familiar with these before actually moving to Ubuntu. Ensuring everyone was positively on board for the move. Installing Ubuntu on new hard disks, move over user files and in a flash have Ubuntu up and running for everyone. That's one less (multiple) MS customer, we're not harvested for data, we are saving time and money.

We moved completely away from BigG's mail system. All email is on our own websites. No data miners there. Except one single account, since long used as a sort of emergency account in case there are issues with our own mail. We never had any data on their cloud services, or any other cloud service. No backups, not anything. Simple local backups. I've looked for alternative smartphone OS's but apparently all promising initiatives have become defunct. So, we're still on Android, and oh yes, that demands a dedicated *mail account as an umbrella for all the data that BigG collects from the phone and its personally identied user.

My own account has never been that active. I'm not really a social media type. But we do have a few pages related to promoting our services and our clients' products. Lately we had actually tested how the FB advertising works. Somewhere along the line FB charged and subtracted an unexplained amount. Not a large amount, really, but no reaction on our request for explanation.
Put it together with unabridged fake news, the whole Cambridge Analytica matter, Trumpian manipulation, Brexit manipulation, FB making people's worlds smaller, tigher, stressier, by constantly feeding them more of what they're already into. Plus, real friends leaving FB.

The big hulk behemoths, with gazillions of net worth and cash, billionaire babyfaces forging the downfall of privacy, manipulating individual will and society, are going to far.
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I'm looking into these two phones more in-depth now. The Fairphone is not available in Asia, the Jolla OS package is prohibited from selling online outside of the "Authorized Area", which excludes Asia. At least at this writing. That's unfortunate.

So, seeing a real demo is out of the question. To get one of these I'll have to rely on my western hemisphere friends. It's almost like Pa*Pal not processing payments from Thailand 20 years ago - for which I did manage to ban them for 15 years. smirking face
You might look at LineageOS for your phone -- Android with the Google crud ripped out and useable with F-droid for software. No Google required.
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Super! Thanks for this tip! Hopefully my current phone will be in their list soon. If not, I might just switch to another phone and degoggle it this way.
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Wow I love that black umbrella!
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Spoken like a true umbrella maker!   :-)
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 Created Hubzilla Account

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It is an event. Created a Hubzilla >> Start profile this morning.

A word of caution: This channel is in testing phase. Anything here may edited, deleted, or the entire channel may disappear (without notice).