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Conclusion : Hubzilla, a beautiful project :D

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My account on this pod was to test if the project is really a facebook equivalent (targeting french people), to manage a pod for my family, friend, and whatever :)

Hubzilla have everything i was looking for, and a little bit more : Easy to use, translation, full app ready to use and a easy way to build our own (and so on and so forth).

The only lack was the mobile APP integration for user who dont want (sometimes known how to) use a browser on their phone.

Luckily, hubzilla design for mobile navigation is pretty what i was looking for (once again ! :D) so i'll do a webview app from it.
I'm hopping i will be competent enough to design a notification system (on android only), a least for instant messaging.

But it's a sur thing i will use hubzilla now ;).

Let's see how new European law will allow me to let my users really FREE. Or if i would be forced to limit access to unknown user. Which is a real bummer for the purpose of my projet.
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Hi :)

I'm not really new to the subject. But i'm actually looking for making my pod.
So far (and for french "market :, not really twitter/hashtag type outside of city), seems to me Hubzilla/Friendica (my hesitation is here) are the most complete solution for user who are on facebook :).
The only thing is mobile intégration which i feel i will have to fork or make myself (its okay thought, i just hope i will be good enough). Btw, have you heard more about it ? (The project set in FAQ by the admin is build on tech i do not know yet, but seems dead since early 2017 :/)
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hop hop hop au boulot ! =D

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