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Mike O'Sullivan

Spring! <boing!!>

The sun is shining in England! It's actually feeling like Spring at last.

'Silly Season' is upon us almost, t-shirt--coat--coat-t-shirt, ...

Time to start on the New Year resolutions! :)

I am thinking of deleting my facebook account, which i have had for many years.
I have registered with a few servers, running freer social networks: mastodon, Friendica, diaspora and here at
I aim to try out all these systems, so i can select one to run myself one day, for my friends and family on facebook.
(one other candidate is citadel, the groupware server. I am a long standing member of the developers own server/community
and it would fit the bill, even though not directly intended to replace features found in most social network systems, and it's
100% FOSS:  and the devs server: (this started as a BBS 30 years ago

I have a common story to tell. I have a large family, and many i have not met in real life, being spread out over the world. Some of my family, and also my real friends, are not contactable, in any easy way other than facebook. So deleting my account there would really hurt, but one day delete i will. None of my family, and very few of my friends, either know or care about privacy issues -- even my computer savvy friends.
As the big facebook/Cambridge analytica story is in the news, highlighting data collection and selling for profit, i hope some of my friends and family might start to question the true cost of: free social networks, and free webmail accounts.

I think the keyword in trying to persuade your friends and especially family, to try something different, is patience.
So i am in no rush, but want to start now, seriously, to wean my loved ones away from the delights of facebook et al...
Any suggestions, advocacy stories and your own experiences, are very - very welcome!
Hi and belated welcome!

I can relate to your facebook/friends story.

My own delete facebook plan is on hold right now, because of general workload. But I have managed to get quite a few of my friends to use Signal instead of WhatsApp (I never used the latter), and I am using riot/matrix (I registered on the server).

Patience. And software that is easy to use. And more patience.
You are all set winking face
Hi Sophie,

It's good to hear other's stories creating new little decentralised communities on the net. That's the second time, i have heard of matrix and riot. I will have to investigate further, but i think the matrix server looks very useful.
I am also thinking of offering: News feeds - possibly with a private rss-feed server (tiny tiny rss )
This is one thing that really bugs me about facebook; it is so easy to start relying on the news feeds that are offered <shudder>. So it would good to see how, after getting a login on a private server, and hopefully adding the feeds you really want and trust, these feeds could be used in other applications like here on Hubzilla.

Kind Regards Mike
I just signed up with the webclient. Looks cool.
I was /might still try and use this as a replacement for whatsapp, and maybe chat in general,
although running a matrix server, would be a better option.
Whatever went wrong with XMPP? (apart from facebook and google :) )
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Mario is one of the two primary developers of the Hubzilla software. He is "git-marijus" on GitHub with numerous contributions: . Hubzilla would not exist in its current form without him.
Hi! :)
Life has the habit of making me laugh at the most unexpected times.
I hope Mario, and - Mike ?, have plenty of help when they need it. What things, one or two can accomplish!
Yes, they are an inspiring pair. Mike Macgirvin has quite a cult following based on his almost superhuman ability to devise, develop, and improve complex software almost single-handedly over several decades. In his spare time he somehow has a full time job and has a farm or something. Basically he's one of those rare Renaissance men you feel privileged to know.