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Sansaket Farm

Rose Apples - Gift from nature

It is a small tree, about 4 years old but a lot of fruits. Fresh and sweet taste. We like to having them after meal..

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Rose apples! So many of them. These look absolutely delicious. face savouring delicious food
Having coffee in the next morning after strom last night.


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Such a harmonic morning view. Are you having an espresso?
Yes, quite nice.
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Meet ELMO, our custom built eletric motor pickup trike. Elmo's main task is transport to and from nearby villages. Elmo is also great to ferry heavy things around on the farm!

Elmo is powered by 5 serial 12v 20A l/a gel batteries, and a 600 watt electric motor. Max speed is about 25 km per hour, range about 35 km on a charge. Exactly what we need.

Even now, after four months of routine use, wherever Elmo goes people gather to have a look. And ask a lot of questions. :-)  Its turning out to be a good way to make people more aware of electric motoring!

We must admit, when we ordered Elmo we regarded it more or less as an experiment. Despite all the discussed details, we were not really sure what we were getting into. But the workshop had us in mind as a good customer and did a superb job. Elmo did have a few teething issues in the first week, they were quickly taken care of.

Elmo is a daily used, reliable transporter. And everyone genuinely likes him :-).
When we ride to Market, people do not want to pass by even we ride slow becase they want to look at Elmo
Hellooo from Sansaket Farm, Chiang Mai, Thailand. We start use the Hubzilla for share how our farm is..
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Do I see Elmo here in the foreground?
Yes, again he almost strucks in the mud.
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How about this: Bridgestone Motocross M404 Motorcycle Tire. Good for driving in the rough. Maybe a bit bumpier on the road. I'm pretty sure it should fit your Elmo.
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