I am going to start seriously advocating Hubzilla for CONfederated communities. Apart from having it installed (soon to be, as soon as I get to understand Docker), I would be happy to see some structured (perhaps as an infographics) view of various terms and features.
I can intuitively group them:
instance, account
Identity, channel, privacy group, forum
tag, category
post, article

But it will need time and practice to get relationships between them. So, perhaps someone did the job before?
I know that  you can find infos in the help-pages... this can help a little.

I just tried to connect to my account/channel/profile at https://walkaway.space/@Petros (Mastodon). tried both forms of the address, with default protocol, [ostatus] and [activitypub].

I keep getting "Remote channel or protocol unavailable." and "Channel discovery failed."

Please advise.
if  you "absolutely" need to federate with mastodon or diaspora...
take a look here https://start.hubzilla.org/wiki/jamie/Hubzilla%253A%2B%2B%2Bfind%2B%2Ba%2Bpublic%2Bhub/Home

Hello everybody,

From the specification it seems that #Hubzilla can be a perfect software both for me as a user, and for my community (https://cnicoop.wordpress.com).

I glanced through the list of apps and it is impressive. Now, what we need to learn is about connectors/bridges and federation. Also, as we are going to host it in our VPS, we will need to learn more about security.

Hope it is a start of great adventure.
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