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I really wish Gargron and co would take a look at the #Hubzilla source code. Most of the largest issues with #Mastodon have been solved over here. Users are constantly complaining about mastodon's lack of support for multiple accts. Hubzilla has that solved with multiple channels per acct. Nomadic identity would solve the acct migration issue. This was especially notable after went down and declared it was closing. Hubzilla's ACLs would be a much better system than mastodon's opaque 'privacy' system. User's are constantly asking for more things to be hidden and mastodon adds another one-off option to fix it instead of using a holistic privacy system like Access Control Lists.
Interesting, thank you. :-)
My position in the choir seating makes it really easy for me to hear your preaching.
My position in the choir seating makes it really easy for me to hear your preaching.

Haha, made my day!
I'm hoping to get into #Hubzilla development eventually so I've started learning #PHP. I'm reading the PHP Manual. Are there any other good resources I should check out?

!Hubzilla Development
PHP: The Right Way
An easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP best practices, accepted coding standards, and links to authoritative PHP tutorials around the Web
I am afraid that is already fixed

That is quite all right. He could help with the approximately 5843 other things we want to improve.

Also, thank you Mario.
Learning the language is one thing. One of the most prolific developers early on (many old-timers here will be able to pick up who I'm talking about) started by watching every git commit and reading the detail and what was changed and why. It's like learning a foreign language by total immersion. It teaches you the entire culture and way of thinking and you'll find useful information and little bits of code tucked away that are incredibly valuable but you might never learn from just browsing or grepping the source tree. is having trouble federating right now because another instance is lagging and m.s's delivery jobs are stuck in a queue.

I'm looking forward to #Pleroma, and hopefully other implementations, taking off. Maybe #Mastodon could improve by taking a look at how other implementations solve their issues. I'd like to see a reference implementation for #ActivityPub that takes more ideas from Pleroma than Mastodon, i.e. a small, light server with pluggable frontends. And I don't want to see new projects like #PeerTube and #FunkWhale and any others base everything they do on the quirks of Mastodon.
I for example, without going too far from the topic, I do not really love microblogging style, I think today we are very forward and microblogging technology was more useful when there was no internet broadband .. I feel absolutely incomplete using a microblogging. Hubzilla absolutely, although it could be used in all ways, is not a microblogging. Thank God! :D
That's why I don't think Mastodon is a good implementation to lead the way for the ActivityPub side of the fediverse. It's specifically for microblogging. Pleroma is a more general social server, so it could support any of the standard activities, and different frontends could provide different feature sets
@zack hey I'm on mastodon and I agree
!Hubzilla Support Forum

Does #Hubzilla support any #indieweb features? I'm especially interested in #h-feed, #micropub and #webmentions.
Regarding the plugin: The plugin throws an Exception when it tries to parse the HTML code, it does not find the class HTML5_Parser. There is no require_once('library/HTML5/Parser.php'); inside the plugin file.
I've added the missing include (I think this used to be autoloaded but I'm not going to try and track it down now). The fix should find its way into Hubzilla dev in the next few days.

Our interactions with some of the indieweb folks have often been a bit terse. I work for my "customers".  Total strangers popping up on the issues list out of the blue demanding we do stuff for them get low priority; because based on my years of experience doing this stuff, they'll just vanish again and all my effort on their behalf will have been in vain. Sorry for venting.  

One guy just popped up out of the blue with a pull request that added indeweb microformats to a bunch of our structures.  This is open source working correctly. The other way isn't much fun.
Thanks Mike.

I'm sorry to hear that your interactions with that side of the community haven't been pleasant.
Wow. The cloning feature here on #hubzilla is amazing. I updated my profile photo on my main at Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start and when I switched back to the open tab with my alt, my profile photo was already updated there without a reload.
Welcome to wonderland.
another thing that I like in hubzilla is the magic authentication.
You can enter the sites of your contacts (in the pages / walls of your contacts) without being logged in first on your site.
So for example if you have to leave a quick message in a friend's wall, you go directly to your friend's page, without having to go to your site first.
Hi, #Hubzilla. I'm #newhere so here's my #introduction. I'm Zack, a web developer in South Carolina. I'm interested in #federation, so this is the latest platform in a long line that I'm checking out. My permanent residence online right now is on #mastodon at Toot Café
Where in SC? I was born in Charleston and also lived in Georgetown for my first high school years.
Cool! I'm from Columbia, but I live in Greenville now.
We visited someone in Easley to see the eclipse last August. It's really nice up there.