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Zachary Dunn is having trouble federating right now because another instance is lagging and m.s's delivery jobs are stuck in a queue.

I'm looking forward to #Pleroma, and hopefully other implementations, taking off. Maybe #Mastodon could improve by taking a look at how other implementations solve their issues. I'd like to see a reference implementation for #ActivityPub that takes more ideas from Pleroma than Mastodon, i.e. a small, light server with pluggable frontends. And I don't want to see new projects like #PeerTube and #FunkWhale and any others base everything they do on the quirks of Mastodon.
I for example, without going too far from the topic, I do not really love microblogging style, I think today we are very forward and microblogging technology was more useful when there was no internet broadband .. I feel absolutely incomplete using a microblogging. Hubzilla absolutely, although it could be used in all ways, is not a microblogging. Thank God! :D
That's why I don't think Mastodon is a good implementation to lead the way for the ActivityPub side of the fediverse. It's specifically for microblogging. Pleroma is a more general social server, so it could support any of the standard activities, and different frontends could provide different feature sets
@zack hey I'm on mastodon and I agree