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Imagine Spalding Owned Basketball, That’s How Esports Works - The Esports Observer


Sports are unowned but governed, esports are owned but ungoverned. Esports are based on a commercial product first, with sports its the other way around.

The quote perfectly sums it up and this is the main reason I cant get fully in to #esports. They're fully controlled by their owner and team owners/players/fans have no power to change anything. And game publishers then want to use the game itself as an advertising venue for the esport, which detracts from the game for those not interested in the esport and takes focus from development of the game itself.

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Varsity Esports Redefines Relationship Between Athletics, Academics


For instance, he sees the connection between pro players and college reversed from traditional sports. In esports, he says, most pro-gamers’ careers end at 27 or 28 and then they want to go back to school. The result is that the varsity esports programs could become a way to draw in those retiring esports who could play for a university team and earn a scholarship at the end of their career, rather the beginning.

Interesting idea. I'm not a big fan of the incestual relationship between #education and #athletics in America, but I like this idea. Most American college students don't know what they want to do yet and this could allow #esports players to excel at their chosen game before choosing a career. They would have time to experience the world a little as an adult before having to make a decision that could shape their future. And it would raise the average age of students, which could be an interesting shift in the cultures at most schools