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Zachary Dunn

Imagine Spalding Owned Basketball, That’s How Esports Works - The Esports Observer


Sports are unowned but governed, esports are owned but ungoverned. Esports are based on a commercial product first, with sports its the other way around.

The quote perfectly sums it up and this is the main reason I cant get fully in to #esports. They're fully controlled by their owner and team owners/players/fans have no power to change anything. And game publishers then want to use the game itself as an advertising venue for the esport, which detracts from the game for those not interested in the esport and takes focus from development of the game itself.

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The coolest part of working from home is that as soon as 5pm comes, I can hop on #Overwatch!

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Clearly you do not have small children
I remember doing lots of fishing and similar things in World of Warcraft while holding a baby in my non-mouse arm.
Does anyone play #ElderScrollsOnline? I'm not a big fan of #MMOs, but I really enjoy the Elder Scrolls universe. I'm wondering if I should jump in with the new expansion.

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