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Zachary Dunn

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Does #Hubzilla support any #indieweb features? I'm especially interested in #h-feed, #micropub and #webmentions.
Regarding the plugin: The plugin throws an Exception when it tries to parse the HTML code, it does not find the class HTML5_Parser. There is no require_once('library/HTML5/Parser.php'); inside the plugin file.
I've added the missing include (I think this used to be autoloaded but I'm not going to try and track it down now). The fix should find its way into Hubzilla dev in the next few days.

Our interactions with some of the indieweb folks have often been a bit terse. I work for my "customers".  Total strangers popping up on the issues list out of the blue demanding we do stuff for them get low priority; because based on my years of experience doing this stuff, they'll just vanish again and all my effort on their behalf will have been in vain. Sorry for venting.  

One guy just popped up out of the blue with a pull request that added indeweb microformats to a bunch of our structures.  This is open source working correctly. The other way isn't much fun.
Thanks Mike.

I'm sorry to hear that your interactions with that side of the community haven't been pleasant.