Location: ACT, Australia
Description: A place to explore and show contemporary art
Location: Scotland
Location: Germany
Keywords: music, metal
Location: United States
Description: Software Engineer
Location: South Carolina, US
Keywords: webdev, software, foss
About: I'm a software developer with a focus on web development. I'm into comics, video games, and board games.
Location: London, UK
Hometown: London
Keywords: socialism, leftwing, poetry, music, literature
Description: Software Engineer
Location: Ohio, USA
Hometown: Eaton
Location: ID, United States
Hometown: Shelley
Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Ottawa
Keywords: music, musician, drums, guitar, bass, ottawa, canada, linux, foss
Age: 52
Description: Hubzilla tester
Location: nRW, D
Hometown: Düren
Homepage: www.d.com
Keywords: a
About: d fadfadfad fad
Description: loustic 2018
Location: France
Location: Poland
Description: Will talk about cartoons if provoked.
Location: USA
Keywords: animation, media, architecture, history, fashion, FOSS
About: I'm in my early 30s and originally from #Ireland but now in the USA. A civil engineer by day and a sleeper at night.

I like #fashion, #shoujo anime & manga, #animation, #FOSS, and #solitude.
Keywords: writing, reading, coding, game, development, lgbtq
Location: Berlin, Germany
Description: The Badger Sett
Location: United States


Location: Deutschland
About: A student of sociology, with interests in digital society, gender, non-monogamy, queer theory, and identity.
About: I bring memes. Hope you like them.
Age: 58
Keywords: Computer, Automatisationstechnik, Hardware, Software, Linux, Programmierung
About: juste a test account.  I would like to know how to invite new user and how they feels. What is hard for them.
Description: Blog & Conversation (see also, http://jahangiri.us)