Description: Monero XMR enthusiast from Ukraine. ­čöĹPGP: 0x9ADC3EA7­čöĹ. Welcome to the biggest local Monero coummunity: https://XMR.RU
Location: Germany
Hometown: Cologne
Homepage: https;//
Keywords: privacy, cryptoparty
About: Chaos Computer Club, Cryptoparty organizer
Description: Gun for hire in the writing and coding field
About: Freelance writer of articles and code. My free time is spent hacking, researching security & privacy and building new systems or apps.
About: Dad, husband, drummer
Description: Registered lurker and wandering oddball looking for the right social network. || Also testing: Friendica: ; Diaspora*:
Age: 48
Location: Finland
Keywords: linux, privacy, security
About: Introverted (INFJ) techie who likes to tinker different software on Linux. Interested in privacy and security.
Age: 26
Location: California, USA
About: I've been a singer, dancer, computer repair man, cook, salesman, and even had my own weekly segments in the news concerning technology. Now I'm back in school to get a degree in mathematics and eventually work in data science!
Description: CT┬│O
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
About: Technology, Training, Troubleshooting in rural northern Thailand
Location: Finland
Keywords: debian, linux, privacy
About: Linux user