Description: I give all types of naughty service to men
Age: 23
Location: Chandigarh, India
Description: "We did it, not because it was easy... but because we thought it would be easy." Just a bloke who's into stuff.
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Hometown: Montclair, NJ, USA
About: I spend a lot of time experiencing, enjoying, reflecting, self-correcting, making the most of every day. I've got too many enthusiasms to describe.
Age: 37
Location: Russia
Hometown: Moscow
Description: The word is sword, the sword is word
Location: madrid, españa
Hometown: madrid
About: Yo soy y no estoy
Location: Germany
Hometown: Wyk
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Age: 21
Location: Texas, United States
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Age: 20
About: We provide you the best programming courses or tutorials recommended by experts.


Description: Google Refugee
Age: 59
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Description: Passionate about gadgets and technology especially open source and green technology
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Hometown: Cape Town
Description: Quinqua rôliste, auteur de SF, amateur de prog-rock/metal
Location: Genève, Suisse
Keywords: progrock, progmetal, jdr
About: Quinqua rôliste, auteur de Tigres Volants / Erdorin, fan de rock et de metal progressifs, de science-fiction et de bêtises internetiennes diverses. Officiellement graphiste papier et web, photographe et vidéaste. Parfois, je dors.
Age: 38
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Hometown: Midwesterly
About: Write grants and do content stategy for arts organizations by day, make horrific noise by night.
Description: Benjamin Pearson
Location: Arkansas, United States of America
Hometown: Little Rock
Age: 31
Location: Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation
Hometown: Ufa
About: Я - Иван.
А ты?
Description: Instance admin of
Age: 32
Location: Oxford, UK
Hometown: Derby
Location: Canada
Description: I Do Run, but anything outdoors serves me well. Health and sport on this channel
Location: Galiza
About: para conectar con xente relacionada co deporte, saúde, alimentación,etc. Health, fitness, sport, running, trailrunning, food, etc.
Age: 40
Location: Russia
Description: Animal, music and science lover
Age: 65
Location: Greece
Hometown: Thessaloniki
About: A retired teacher in a vocational school for nurses. Mother of nine dogs and 15 cats.
Description: Dietética Digital es un proyecto de autoayuda y autodefensa, para tiempos de sobreabundancia y saturación digital. Surge con el objetivo de generar una ciudadanía digital crítica.
Description: Suporte Técnico em LINUX, WINDOWS, MAC OS
Age: 64
Location: DF, BRASIL
Hometown: Porto Alegre
Location: CA, United States
Keywords: russian, california, usa
Age: 67
Location: Virginia, USA
About: Digital artist, science fiction,
Description: I ain't here on business, baby, I'm only here for fun. (Bruce Springsteen, Rosalita)
About: My channel posts are English or German, depending on the subject. I am pretty much addicted to politics and have a hang on football: Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC St.Pauli, Liverpool FC. You can as well call me a Southside-Johnny-Nerd... that'd be no offense. I believe in science but occasionally have my doubts about the progress of humanity. But anyways; Live and let live!
Description: IT-Ingenieur - A-Cappella-Sänger - Jugendarbeiter - Systemiker
Location: Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Hometown: Hannover
Location: London, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
About: I am an amateur photographer, musician, trained psychotherapist, computer programmer, writer, and more.
Description: Software Developer
Age: 47
Location: Østerbro, Danmark
Hometown: København
About: I am a software programmer - but profession not by living. I am interested in various subjects within philosophy, psycology, social studies/economy and of course the occasional reading up on mathematics and science.
But first and foremost I am the part-time father of my lovely son :-)
Description: Pastor
Location: Oregon, USA
Hometown: Portland
Age: 55
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Hometown: Rüsselsheim
About: English translation below.
Interesse an Wein und allen technischen Dingen. Weltoffen, liberal, antifaschistisch...
Arbeite seit 28 Jahren in der IT in verschiedenen leitenden Positionen, seit 22 Jahren bei einem Finanzdienstleister in Frankfurt tätig. Aktuell betraut mit der technischen Koordination der Migration zu Microsoft Office 365

Interest in wine and all technical things. Open-minded, liberal, antifascist...
Worked for 28 years in the IT in different leading positions, for 22 years with a financial service provider in Frankfurt. Currently in charge of the technical coordination of the migration to Microsoft Office 365.
Description: Photographer
Location: Florida, United States
About: Photography.  It's what I do, as often as I can do it.
Description: a stampede of philosophers is a stampede nonetheless
Age: 52
Location: Berlin, Germany
Description: Что почитать про Эквестрийскую Пустошь? Мои рекомендации без спойлеров. Я стараюсь не критиковать, а заинтересовать.
Location: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
About: Hi, I'm a antigerman communist from germany. I don't know if Hubzilla has any use for me, but I'm curious to find it out.
Description: University #graduate, #boardgamer, #Christian - here to spread the #GoodNews.
Age: 23
Location: Cumbria, United Kingdom
Hometown: Carlisle
About: University #graduate, #boardgamer, #Christian - here to spread the #GoodNews.

I’m always looking for something to get up to in my spare time!

#Jobseeker, based in #Carlisle #Cumbria - looking for local #ITJobs #TechJobs.
Description: Counter-Information against manipulation of information by the mass media.
About: Counter-Information against manipulation of information by the mass media.


Description: sad girl who does drugs, fucks in sketchy hotel rooms, and hollers at computers
Location: the crime hole
Homepage: http://ʞ.cc
About: banned by the mayor for selling lawn ornaments to minors
Description: Alcoholic/IT Technician
Location: PNW, United States
Description: Häusliche Betreuung und Krankenpflege für Senioren - Pflegekraft aus Osteuropa
Location: Ulm, Germany
Hometown: Ulm
About: 24 Stunden Betreuung als Alternative für das Leben im Alter
Description: conta para respaldar as demáis
Location: Galiza
Description: Emerging Tech Enthusiast
About: Hobbyist
Augmented Reality / Data Analytics / Low-end Hardware / Blockchain


Location: CANADA
Location: Jalisco, Mexico
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
About: Retired from I.T. - living in Mexico on my wife's pension :)
Location: California, United States
Hometown: Sacramento
About: Database consultant for MarkLogic. Singing 16th century frottola this summer with
Location: Boston area, USA
Hometown: Melrose
Description: CT³O
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
About: Technology, Training, Troubleshooting in rural northern Thailand
Location: Seattle, Washington, (USA)
About: a large plural system

photographers, musicians, writers, too much random technological trivia

scientific, spiritual, cosmological

endogenic, thoughtforms, traumagenic, polyfragmented
Location: USA
Homepage: Https://
About: I’m a 26 year old nerd. I like power metal and being nice to people.
About: I am a political analyst with a Master's Degree in International Relations, specialized, but not limited to, Russian politics. It is my strong belief that all people are political, whether they like it or not. The job of a politologist is to encourage people to go beyond partisanship, into the realm of civil discussion and understanding of the processes that shape our world.