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About: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, Dream, Discover.
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About: My life goal is to make a virtual world that people can use to do daily stuff in. Using tech most found in games.
I live by myself, and dream about becoming a grandparent one day. But before all that I will need to find myself the love of my life and settle with her.
Description: Подкастер. Стример. Твиттерский. В общем, полный набор.
About: Пришёл из Твиттера -

Соображаю на троих в подкасте "Тройное А" -

Провожу внезапные стримы ретро-игр не реже раза в год:

Мой тег автора в Epic Games Store - ZLOYGIK

Гикчат -
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About: freundlich und unkompliziert, dennoch mit Anspruch auf Niveau, neige gelegentlich zu Starrsinn, vielseitig interessiert, ab und an konservativ, trotzdem immer up to date. Querdenkerin.

Gamerin auf der PS4, Tierliebend, Tussi-Non-Konformistin,
Description: Artesano Digital
Location: México
About: Artesano Digital.
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About: I'm an amateur gamedev learning japanese.
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Setúbal
About: um gajo espectacular. por dentro e por fora. genialidade integral, simpatia e sex appeal. Irresistível ser humano e fantástico sistema músculo-esquelético.

**não há espaço para a loucura**

#livros, #filmes, #música, #aikido, #banda-desenhada, #jogos-de-mesa, #books, #movies, #music, #comics, #tabletop #games.

#Respeito e #compaixão pelo mundo em que vivemos. Muitas vezes cheio de azedume, mas nunca sem #valores e #liberdade.

![Gaiola aberta, Vilhena]( "Gaiola aberta, José vilhena - Cavaco e a República")

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#### Contactos:
* XMPP/Jabber -> jofazepa _at_ jabber _dot_ org
* Matrix -> @João Patrí

![Vota na pescada]( "R. Bordalo Pinheiro, Vota na pescada")
Location: DF, Brasil
Hometown: Brasília
Keywords: Design, typography, games, CG.
Location: Colorado, United States
About: A professional web developer, hobby game developer, linguistics enthusiast, conlang creator, dog owner, and builder of highly specific niche software.
Description: Software Engineer
Location: South Carolina, US
About: I'm a software developer with a focus on web development. I'm into comics, video games, and board games.