Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hometown: Seattle, WA
About: Growing up in California, I came to embrace all aspects of the Sunny SoCal culture.  Hangin' out in a coffee shop.  Stalking the food truck that serves funnel cakes.  Cruisin' to LA for the sights and the art walks.  Tuning in to any of the great live music venues.  Maybe even surfing a board over the waves of the beach but really more likely a way to sober up after a night at the bars.  In whatever way I go about my day next to the easy, breezy West Coast, I remember to relax and chill out.
Description: Writer
Age: 26
About: Hello! My name is Kitty, I love to photograph beautiful places and write stories
Description: WritingPaperSucks
Age: 25
Location: USA
Hometown: New York
About: Writer, marvel fan.
Description: SpeedyPaper
Age: 25


Description: Google Refugee
Age: 59
Description: she/her. gate traveler, irrelevant, sci fi fan, writer, and collector of internet tchotchkes. content is eclectic and sometimes NSFW, including very adult conversations. no underage followers
Location: San Francisco, United States
Hometown: NYC
Keywords: scifi, sga, poi, writing, fanfiction
Description: Benjamin Pearson
Location: Arkansas, United States of America
Hometown: Little Rock
Description: Thesis Writing Service UK
Keywords: thesis, writing, UK
About: I'm the best thesis writer UK!
Description: The Fiend Army is a family of readers who deeply enjoy and desire to follow my works.
Age: 19


Description: sad girl who does drugs, fucks in sketchy hotel rooms, and hollers at computers
Location: the crime hole
Homepage: http://ʞ.cc
About: banned by the mayor for selling lawn ornaments to minors
Homepage: lexlee@start.hubzilla.org