Why this fuss?

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Whats happening here? GitHub was never  an opensource platform, then whats the big deal if its taken over by a big giant company?

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Last night @Gargron@mastodon.social told me that he's not going to move the main repo away from #Microsoft's #GitHub!


Because 'some' corporate minded people told him so.

How's the #fork doing!?

As n-gate.com so succinctly put it:
A near-monopoly closed-source software company, fed up with trying to seem like a good corporate citizen by releasing source code of their worst programs, is acquired by Microsoft.
But can big private corporate put pressure to open-source projects to stay on GitHub? And why would they do so? What is there benefit in that?
That being said HubZilla moved so silently to Farmagit . I did not even noticed it and the transaction was so smooth, there was no trouble at all. I love this maturity and thoughtfulness of the team.  There was no noise like Mastodon.
I think quality overcomes the quantity. HubZilla may have less crowd but true fans.