Mario VavtiMario Vavti wrote the following post Thu, 05 Apr 2018 10:51:33 +0200
Hubzilla Bugfix Release 3.2.2
Core Fixes:

  • Fix login/out buttons not visible at medium screensize
  • Fix display and link issues with quoted tags
  • Don't include the q and PHPSESSID request variables in a redirected rpost
  • Fix php warning when a term entry has no url
  • Fix existing categories not preserved when updating an app from an embed source
  • Fix app sellpage not being stored
  • Remove workaraound for < and > in markdown conversion
  • Fix tagadelic being overly protective of permissions
  • Make list mode work in cards and articles
  • Fix alt pager for articles and cards
  • Fix comments not displayed in single card/article view
  • Use transform to scale emojis to prevent text jumping on hover
  • Add Ochannel module to make gnu-social happy

Addon Fixes:

  • Diaspora: fix conversion of forum mentions to markdown by providing a !{forum@host} link syntax
  • Diaspora: fix item title not getting transferred
  • Pubcrawl: fix announce in regard to recent changes in pubcrawl_import_author()
  • Pubcrawl: convert PKCS#1 (RSA) keys to PKCS#8 if we encounter one on the inbound side
  • Rendezvous: use fork-awesome icons and improve the rendezvous list format
  • Webmention: fix missing require html5 parser
  • Gnu-Social: provide alternative xchan_url (ochannel) to provide ofeed on lookup

Please update core and addons as soon as possible!

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