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    I heard that Hubzilla can federate with most of the other popular open social networking platforms, but when I try to connect to a Mastodon/GNU Social/Diaspora/Friendica account/channel/profile, I keep getting "Remote channel or protocol unavailable." and "Channel discovery failed." What am I doing wrong?

    The "Federation" refers to the extent to which a handful of independent, open source social networking platforms can interoperate. While the Hubzilla creator, Mike Macgirvin, has done an amazing amount of work writing plugins to support communication with these platforms, the Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start server's primary purpose is to allow people to explore Hubzilla, focusing on its capabilities and features. It is important to remember that Hubzilla instances, or "hubs", federate between themselves. We may activate these plugins at some point; but for now we continue to focus on what Hubzilla itself offers, which includes a feature set and support for decentralized privacy that are significantly more advanced than the other "Federation" platforms.

    Is there a mobile app being developed for Hubzilla?

    Hubzilla does not currently have a dedicated mobile app, but there has been some exploratory work by a very inexperienced developer. The browser-based interface has been the focus of development because it is the most compatible and because the number of developers is so small. If you have mobile app development experience and would like to help make one for Hubzilla, you would be very welcome to do so.

    Can I follow #hashtags in Hubzilla?

    Hubzilla allows you to search for items tagged with a #hashtag by clicking on the hashtag, but results include only items from the originating hub. Hashtags are not federated, because decentralized search is a complex problem that has not been implemented yet in Hubzilla. Typically in Hubzilla, you follow a channel, which might represent a forum or an individual for example. If you set the permissions for your connection to a channel appropriately, then publications from that channel will appear in your network stream automatically as you would expect when "following" something.

    If you have the Diaspora protocol enabled you should check /settings/featured.