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Hubzilla - How to find  a public hub

We can find an hub in this page https://the-federation.info/hubzilla ,

and also looking in this page /pubsites in every hub ( ex. https://gerzilla.de/pubsites )

After you found  an hub ( ex. https://gerzilla.de or https://start.hubzilla.org ) you can enter this page /siteinfo/json on every hub (ex. https://gerzilla.de/siteinfo/json ) and got  a lot of information about that hub.

For example  a lot of people look for a hub with federation with other networks ( as diaspora  gnusocial...), and in the /siteinfo/json you can see all the "plugins" that an  hub has.
If you are looking for  a federation with diaspora network , you can see in the plugin part of the /siteinfo/json page and find what you want.

Using 2 hubs for an example here:
in https://gerzilla.de/siteinfo/json you can find diaspora but in https://start.hubzilla.org/siteinfo/json you can not.

Ps: once you've found an hub with federation plugins, you need to enable these plugins (even at the user level) in your configurations/setting page to make them work.